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Sales farce: Why clueless, rude salespeople should be ignored

Have you ever walked into a store, stood around and felt ignored by sales people or retail clerks?
This happens from time to time, particularly when you talk about those large scale retailers and so called "super" stores where these 50 or 60 thousand square foot buildings are enough to get lost in, but what is even more taxing is trying to go in their to find one item and you're completely overwhelmed as a result.
Think about the last time you went to Lowes or Home Depot and wanted to buy a simple screw or washer. If you're new to the home improvement game or aren't as adept as a contractor or someone who does it for a living, you might need some help.
How many of you have stood around and watched people who work there walk past you? If you ask them a question, they'll tell you things like "it's not my department or I'm on break," and that is just inexcusable.
The idea behind sales and sales people in general is to help customers. Plain, simple and not difficult to understand at all. You can't ignore people when they're in need of help, and perhaps even worse than that or sales people who are rude.

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And this isn't to suggest there aren't good sales people, ones who live and breathe customer service, and those ones should be rewarded as such. But those are sometimes few and far between.
What you need to know is that being bad at sales doesn't mean being just clueless or ignoring you, but even those who help you have to pay close attention to how they're carrying themselves and if they treat you, the customer, as more annoyance than actually caring about helping you.
You know these types, too. They're the ones who stop when you ask a question, but seem put out or agitated that you actually are bothering them. They'll even throw in a huff or puff or act as though you're an inconvenience. They aren't the ones who ignore you or act like you're not there, but rather the ones who recognize you exist but couldn't care less beyond that lone fact.
The real result needs to be more than just you leaving the store or trying in vein to find someone else to help you. The walk out is key, and not being a return customer who succumbs to the pressure of returning to the store to send the message that sales or lack thereof just isn't acceptable.

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