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Selling power: Why best time for sale prices is when business is hot

When exactly is the best time to run a sale?
For some, the answer centers on a downturn in business or if sales receipts aren't exactly on fire. That mentality makes perfect sense if you consider that if money isn't coming in as you'd hope or if you're trying to reach a certain revenue standing or financial goal, you'll be apt to run a sale.
Plenty of reputable retailers make it a point to run sales for a variety of reasons, one of which if business is down or the year is coming to an end. Car dealerships often run sales that are in relationship to holidays, and the same goes for department stores or retailers such as Target, Best Buy or Wal Mart.
The holidays often equate to people being off work, so that is the chance for retailers to entice the masses off the couch and away from their down time to spend money, and often times that works like a charm.
Of course, the most opportune time for retailers is the uncrowned champion of "holidays," and that is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the weekend of selling merchandise the day after Thanksgiving and the Monday online shopping two days later.
The truth is retailers often go soft or the deals run cold if business as usual is out of this world and numbers are up. That mentality suggests that if you're already selling something at regular price, why would you think about discounting merchandise or a particular product or giving more incentive to buy?

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The smart, savvy retailers, like Ford Motor Company for instance, are the ones that realize you strike when that proverbial iron is hot. Ford is offering deals, lower than employee pricing in fact, to entice consumers to buy before the end of the year, a hot time for car companies to unload last year's models and sell the 2016 fare.
Ford has started to experience an upswing in sales numbers, and instead of pumping the brakes and sitting back and enjoying moderate success, they want more. And kudos to them for trying to capitalize on the momentum like a smart company and offering even more.
And that, most of the time, is the best time to offer a sale, when business is hot and times are good or at least starting to head in the right direction. That aggressive style is superb marketing and sales at its finest.
Having a sale when times or tough, otherwise reeks of desperation.

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