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Success seekers: What to do when you get new job

Do you consider yourself successful at work? Are you considered one of the better and more competent employees in your company? Are you perceived as being irreplaceable?
If you can answer yes to any of these questions, you probably have done well for yourself in your career to the point that you've carved out a decent niche and left the company or your workplace in better shape then before you arrived.
But as competent and careful as you are in the midst of your career, how exactly did you start your job when you first were hired? Did you takes the steps necessary to ensure success or did you wing it? 
Chances are, it wasn't the latter, as most successful people tend to have a game plan from Day 1, the moment they were hired on the job.
Some of the more successful hires tend to make it a point to do something a good sales person does immediately upon meeting someone new. They learn first names, and more importantly they use them.
In addition, as someone new to a company or team, you have to make it a point to listen 90% of the time and ask more questions than you telling them what you can do to help everyone else. Granted, when you got hired, you undoubtedly "sold yourself" to the hiring manager, but the team is going to view you as an outsider to some degree, so you may be filled with wonderful, game changing ideas, and you'll have the opportunity to tell all parties involved about them, but you have to pace yourself and lean on the ones who have been in the job or company for years (or at least before you got there).

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That isn't to suggest you can't speak up or add to the process of decision making or creative juices, but it's also about being productive and fitting in with the group. You have to be certain, too, as you integrate yourself into the mix that you also make good on that resume and cover letter and show just how valuable you can be. That might sound like a tough mix to accomplish, but plenty of successful employees have done so and found themselves on a trajectory to arriving at the point where they've become engrained and efficient in a job they love and experiencing the kind of advancement that led them from Point A to Point Z.

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