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Book marked: Amazon's physical book store is a head scratcher

You've heard of the online retailer Amazon, right? Of course, you have.
Amazon is, well, just all things to all people. You can stream movies, buy books, buy anything and everything really, without missing a beat and with the simple click of a button.
This all encompassing online entity seems to have it all.
Except of course an actual store.
Well, that is, until now.

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Amazon has felt the need to open a physical, brick and mortar store, this one in Seattle of all places (maybe the constant rain is going to force everyone inside to read and relax, who knows?).
This highly questionable move comes with little provocation and actually feels like a step backward for the online retailer. Sure, the book store is quite the site and has been described as an "extension" of amazon.com, but with so many companies and retailers moving more toward an online buying model for consumers, you'd think that an actual store wouldn't be advisable.
Equally hard to fathom is Amazon opening up a bookstore when so many of the other book stores and chains are struggling just to stay afloat. Places like Barnes and Nobles bank on people wanting to sit and relax and read, and either buy in person or order through them at a physical store.
If that sounds convoluted and far too much work, you're exactly right.
It is. That is exactly what it is.
So why did Amazon decide to go essentially erect a building when one really wasn't necessarily? That question is hard to answer particularly since Amazon is swimming in success with the simple amazon.com, and didn't really need to do some sort of sweeping change to what is considered business as usual.
Perhaps Amazon is of the belief that because they do so many things so well online that they can duplicate that success in an actual store, even if the idea is outdated at best. Some online have run parallels to Amazon and Apple, suggesting that the latter opened up stores called quite simply Apple Stores because the company felt like their computers weren't competition when someone who wasn't an Apple guy was trying to sell them.
Maybe Amazon is so adept at what it does online that it can translate into a store if the Amazon think tank and branch of creativity is running the show.
Hard to say for sure, but the Amazon stores still is a head scratcher, with only time and sales number ultimately gauging the bust for boom that is this new store.

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