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Back in Black: Is Black Friday really as important as it once was?

Black Friday is the busiest and easily the most anticipated shopping day of the year.
And now, it's becoming the busiest shopping days of the year.
As popular as the day after Thanksgiving has become as far as shopping goes, retailers don't pay much attention to the whole one day element that made Black Friday so popular.
What's happening now is Black Friday has started as early as this past weekend, when retailers like Best Buy and others are starting to run what is being dubbed "pre Black Friday events."
That's a whole lot of words to describe nothing more than trying to market more deals and more sales ahead of time in order to sale as much merchandise as possible.

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Although this may seem like clever marketing at first glance, it actually waters down what will potentially be Black Friday, the original.
The whole pomp and circumstance, excitement and anticipation of Black Friday has always been that one day where the sales are epic, and cannot be missed. Crowds would covet that day to the point that you had lines at the door and customers piling up in droves to get either one particular hot item or just some sort of "door buster" that was discounted to great lengths to get you in the door, even if they only had a few dozen actually in the store.
Granted, Black Friday has plenty of off shoots, such as Cyber Monday, but that deals directly in the online shopping. It's different than just another day that is hand picked by a retailer to have some sort of pseudo Black Friday that only serves to lessen the importance of the original.
Think of it in terms of a draw, a boxer, MMA fighter or professional wrestler. The appeal of the athlete and performer is that you only get to see him once and a while. That special attraction feel makes you pay more or just pay in general to see them fight because it doesn't happen all the time.
The same mentality is what made Black Friday fun, albeit hectic. But ultimately it made it unique and that feeling is fading fast with pre Black Friday sales, post Black Friday sales and everything else that uses the moniker that once meant great deals first thing in the morning the day after Thanksgiving.
Now, all it means is, well, nothing really because retailers have no trained us to know that the next greatest sale is just around the corner.

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