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Writing On The Wall: Refilling Ink Sounds Promisingly Messy

Saving a few dollars in usual ways certainly is nothing to frown upon.
From a little less eating out in restaurants to leaving the credit cards at home, budgeting is a big sticking points for individuals and families struggling to keep costs down.
But beyond the customary comes the true test of taming a budget that may be out of control: what about the ink from your printer?
Everyone knows that refilling printer ink is environmentally sound, but does this labor intensive process really make a difference when it comes to your bank account? Absolutely.
Pick a printer, any printer, and price out some of the replacement cartridges. Buying a new cartridge is more expensive than the refill for sure, but that's pretty much where the ink refill argument dries up rather quickly.

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The majority of consumers probably aren't ready to begin dabbling in refilling their own printer ink, if for no other reason than it is terribly messy. Furthermore, the refilling route can lead to a printer that rejects the ink and makes the printing process incredibly problematic. Refilling ink cartridges often can lead to leakage, among other things, that can go a long way to damaging your printer.
The general review of refilling your ink cartridge is hardly a raving one. A quick test of a refilling cartridge shows that it works well initially then quickly fizzles down the home stretch in comparison to its retail counterpart. Imagine the idea of finishing up a resounding resume or cover letter only to have your so called remarkable refill start to sputter.
Not only did you shell out for a refill ink system, but now you might have to buy yourself a brand new printer? Suddenly, the notion of saving money takes a terrible U-turn.
Even if you find a refill ink kit that is underscored with a guarantee, it's still hard to get too excited about this process. The only plus would be if you have a personal vendetta against large scale printer and ink heavyweights such as HP, Canon or Epson.
The mentality that buying refilling systems takes revenue away from those manufacturers is true but not nearly to the scale where they'll actually feel the sting of losing money.
In the case of refilling ink cartridges or buying new, convenience wins hands down in comparison to saving a few bucks in the long term.

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