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Trump towers: Trump does wonders for SNL ratings

The announcement of Donald Trump, the media and real estate mogul who is running for President of the United States, hosting "Saturday Night Live" immediately started a slow build, a buzz if you will, for the upcoming show.
"Saturday Night Live" hasn't been all that wonderful for the last decade, but the most recent cast in the last few years has been better. Much better, in fact, but the ratings have been average to steady, but nothing spectacular.
Then, Trump towers over everyone and continues his Midas touch.
Trump turned SNL into must watch TV again, and Lorne Michaels, the man behind the show, creator and executive producer, knew that when Trump's name was announced as the king pin of the show on November 7th show.
Michaels and his SNL crew probably didn't expect much from Trump, even though the political humor potential was there. The writers tried, but couldn't masque Trump and his amazingly obvious short comings as an actor or comedian.

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And, quite frankly, who cares.
SNL scored its highest rating in three years thanks to Trump and the hype surrounding his appearance. The downside, of course, is Trump was downright awful in his performance. His timing was terrible, the show content was even worse and Trump uttered one of the more ominous lines in television slash running for President of the United States history, when he said he didn't have anything better to you.
Some political people have said that will come back to haunt Trump and the fact that the Presidential race isn't something he's taking all that seriously. That seems a bit of a stretch, as the show was more about the white hot Trump and the fact that anything he's involved with turns to revenue and ratings gold.
So what if he was terrible. He's not an actor, despite his time on "The Apprentice."
SNL recognized an opportunity to spike ratings for one week, but they'll do little to sustain that sort of success. Trump can't host every week, and the crux of what makes or breaks SNL has always been the host.
Far be it from ratings to follow the likes of someone not quite as in the spotlight consistently as Trump. Kudos for SNL for doing two things: taking the opportunity to score Trump for its show and thus taking the brunt of criticism for one of the worst shows in recent memory.

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