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Phone honed: Why kids and media don't mix

When was the last time you watched your child do homework? Furthermore, when was the last time you watched your kids do their homework and they weren't plugged into their phone or some other sort of media?
A recent study showed kids spend roughly 10 hours per day on their cell phone or watching television as the former has obviously picked up in the last decade or so as phones are now talked about as being "smart."
But are they making kids stupid as a result?
You could argue that to be the case, but the more troubling statistics isn't so much that it is happening that kids are telling anyone who will listen that they're perfectly find trying to do homework, study or anything school related without any distraction whatsoever.
Hard to believe when you consider all that cell phones and tablets can do and the combination of social media that kids can honestly complete school work or anything of that ilk and be putting in 100% effort.

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You also can't overlook television, but cell phones are more than just texting and talking as you have to factor in streaming music, movies and just about anything else media related. With so many options, you have to think kids might have more than one reason to not pay close attention to the school task at hand.
The question now shifts from media, phones and school suffering as a result to what parents should do about it. You aren't going to eliminate distractions, not now and certainly not in the future. You'd have to assume that phones and other electronics and gadgets are only going to get worse as far as how interactive and time consuming they can be.
Parents have to set some limits on the amount of time kids use devices like this, and that includes downright eliminating them during after school time when homework is paramount.
Moms and dads need to ensure that they're not just talking about what kids are watching or listening to on their phones or tablets, computers and Macs, but rather the how long they are doing it. The time element often gets overlooked in favor of stressing content.
While neither is more important than the other and they're arguably equally as important talking points, you can't overlook that too much time is being spent multitasking between homework and electronics, and kids believing that is just normalcy in 2015.

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