Ink botched: Temporary tattoo company gets it right so you can too

11/10/15 by Rennie Detore

Have you ever wanted so badly to get a tattoo, but you just weren't quite ready to pull the trigger?
Many have pondered, thought and wondered just what it would be like to have a tattoo, but have opted against it for one very important reason. 
It's permanent.
Getting a tattoo is quite the catch 22. Tattoos are rooted in impulsiveness and often come as a result of death (remembering a loved one), love or family origin, but once you get one, they're on your body for good.

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Those who spend time thinking about getting a tattoo (usually their first one) end up talking themselves out of it due to the sheer nature of the process, not so much because of the pain per say, but that removing one is basically impossible or terribly expensive.
But one company took the idea that tattoos can be test driven, much like a car, or tried out, like a gym membership, before you decide ultimately to buy.
Or, in the case of tattoos, ink for good.
Say hello to Momentary Ink, an apt name for a company that deals in tattoos that are, well, temporary. But unlike other temporary tattoos, ones that fade quickly or you'd get out of a quarter machine outside of a department store, Momentary Ink makes deciding on a tattoo easy.
This company has devised a temporary tattoo solution that feels like real tattoo ink, so that consumers get a better idea of what a real tattoo is going to look and feel like on their skin, and give them more of a lifelike design as a result.
You get the option of having your own artwork uploaded, but can talk over design related questions with a tattoo artist slash expert or you can use one of the tattoo ideas from Momentary Ink as well.
What Momentary Ink has done is bridge the gap between bad tattoos on a whim and those who can't decide ultimately if they want to get one. With Momentary Ink, you can see if that tattoo idea of barbed wire around your bicep really looks as cool as you think or avoiding that dragon artwork on your shin that sounded so much better the first time you thought of it.
In addition newcomers and those who have never got a tattoo can look at what life is going to be like with a huge family crest on your back before you decide (or not) to get it.
Being able to visualize and try before you buy was never a viable option with tattoos, but Momentary Ink allows you that luxury.
Looks like Momentary Ink is going to be here to stay and not have a fleeting 15 minutes of fame. The only thing left to say about this company: where do I sign?

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