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Man escaped: Why men should banish certain clothes for good

If clothes truly make the man, then some guys have a lot of growing up to do. Or, you might say some evolving to do from a clothing perspective.
Granted, not all guys can be the second coming of Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein, but that doesn't mean they can't clean up their act and get rid of a few staples that shouldn't see the light of day.
When was the last time you saw a guy wearing a fanny pack? OK, so some clothing companies have tried to reinvent the fanny pack to the point that they're trying to make it stylish, think of Indiana Jones meets Joey from "Friends" (you know the episode where he's carrying the man bag slash purse).
The fanny pack went goodbye in the 1990s with striped workout pants worn by athletes and men frequenting the gym.
Not all fashion missteps are created equal and as simple of an accessory the fanny pack is, not much compares to a suit jacket and pants that look like they are struggling to fit your body, either too tightly or way too loose.

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You have to make it a point to have at least two suits that fit, preferably black and light gray or blue, but they need to definitely need to be tailored to suit your body properly.
In addition to suits, you want to avoid wearing pants and shirts in general that are too baggy. That isn't to suggest everything has to be skin tight, but should fit properly and not look like you just rolled out of bed. If you want to wear loose clothing, stick to sweat pants or lounge wear around the house.
Jeans and shorts also can be slippery slope, mostly because men can't let go of their carpenter and cargo pants, which are terribly outdated and send the message that its all work and the look of those jeans are playfully bad. Cargo pants and shorts are too busy, too many pockets and haven't been in style for, well, forever.
Guys tend to wear them due to the convenience of having a million pockets, but they should be replaced with a pair of regular fit jeans (no skinny jeans or baggy ones) or in the case of the shorts maybe some khaki's or even the sporty Under Armor style that feels comfortable but looks dressier than they really are.
No one is telling a man to completely overhaul his wardrobe that is going to cost them thousands of dollars, but getting rid of those so called lovable pieces of clothing or accessories that are easy to dislike due to them being so wildly outdated and downright awful.

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