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Flight decked: Why booking flight is far from always easy

I watched intently while my girlfriend attempted to book a flight, and while she was successful, it was hardly the seamless process you'd expect it to be.
The first major hurdle was finding a flight that wasn't at 6 in the morning, and despite much time trying to find one on any of the major airlines, she had to settle for a very early morning start to her flight.
That isn't too huge of a deal since she had connecting flights to and from, and the trip was taking her from the east coast of the United States to another country altogether. You sort of resign yourself to the fact that you'll be spending a decent amount of money but also have to settle for whatever time is available as far as leaving on the flight.
The real issue was more about adding charges left and right when it came time to pick a seat, with more than $200 spent on having to spend extra just for a window or aisle seat.
Seriously? The seats in the back of the plane had no additional cost to them, but is it really seem fair to spend $20 to $30 just for a seat somewhere in the middle to front of this airline?

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You'd like to think that between bag fees and the cost of the ticket in general that airlines wouldn't get their jollies from up charging just to sit in a different area of the plane.
Wrong again.
And then, after all that, flight booked and hopes running high, here come the online ads for credit card offers to save money on balance transfers but, surprise, surprise, get points for additional miles to travel even more.
How about that, airlines actually asking us to go through this laborious process again to earn miles to put toward another trip. How about, no thanks captain.
Once the credit card offers and additional fees subsided, the trip was finally booked. And with great relief my girlfriend was all set to go on her trip this year.
But that isn't to say she didn't have a heck of time jumping through proverbial hoops just to get from Point A to be Point B.
As far as the ineptness: Sounds as though we should be pointing a finger at these online booking sites that promise convenience but deliver a lot of confusion.

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