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Macy's gray: How bleak outlook for retail company can be turned around

Like most companies, retailers, sports teams or anything else that is measured in success by sales or revenue, peaks and valleys tend to exist no matter how much you insulate yourself to plan to be a cash cow for the foreseeable future.
The same can be said for Macy's Department Store, which is finally hitting the wall and falling quickly as far as sales go for the once mighty retail giant. Reports indicated that sales fell a whopping five percent, and Macy's doesn't seem to have to much as far as planning goes to fix what is clearly broken.
The department store issued a bevy of rhetoric that really doesn't disclose much in the way of ideas. They talked about how they're certain they'll think of something or that things like this happen to the best of them, and they'll get back up on the horse sooner than later.
That doesn't sound like a company hell bent on taking back their marketplace, but rather a transitional retailer with little or not direction where to go.
The truth is Macy's was heading in this direction for quite some time, and industry experts don't see this coming holiday season as being the salvation the operation needs. Macy's feels bloated, out of touch and unable to adapt to a shift in what consumers want or are spending their money on, such as flat screen, 4K TVs or cars.

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Now, Macy's isn't all of a sudden going to start being Best Buy light or have a parking garage double into a car lot, but their pricing and layout leave a lot to be desired. Much like major retailers like Wal Mart and the aforementioned Best Buy are moving away from large foot prints, Macy's might want to consider that option.
Think of it as growth through consolidation.
Another Macy's related report has the company going the route of "Backstage Stores," which is essentially a fancy name for outlet type stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshall's. Macy's biggest issue is an overflow of goods not sold, so this, according to industry experts, could get rid of a back log of merchandise and also keep pace with customers that are always shopping for a discount or deal.
Whether Macy's goes the route of unloading items as soon as possible and reinventing themselves with smaller stores or off shoots that open up the customer base more so than it has already been, the department store doesn't have to take its bleak outlook as acceptance but rather re evaluating and rediscovering what makes customers tick.

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