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Mobile magic: T Mobile takes its data plan to next level

T Mobile is no stranger to being overly aggressive when it comes to luring customers away from Verizon or AT'T. The latest play is just another reason to applaud T Mobile and how customer friendly they are.
Sure, AT'T and Verizon are the top dogs in the cell phone game, and that isn't going to be argued whatsoever. The likes of T Mobile and Sprint are just trying to get what's left of the piece that is the millions of cell phone subscribers.
When you're a distant number 3, you have one of two choices: you can sit there and go through the motions, or you can turn into T Mobile, and aggressively market your product and try to grab customers even if some would call that futile.
T Mobile doesn't feel as though they're ready to become a speed bump while AT'T and Verizon run roughshod in the marketplace, and instead have introduced their latest data plan endeavor to at least show they're trying.
They're offering no data being charged to consumers who are using their plans to stream video, essentially telling all the T Mobile faithful that they can watch as much TV and movies online as they want to.

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Every cell phone owner and user has been in that position where they're watching Netflix or Hulu, and can't seem to peel themselves away from that binge watching of "Friends," or can't quite say no to "Frasier" or getting through all the holiday movies, for example, that you can handle.
T Mobile certainly is no stranger to being able to stay more than a few steps ahead of the competition, whether it is about offering better data plans and options or making new phones available before Verizon and AT'T ever thought of bagging their contracts in favor of leasing phones.
Whether or not T Mobile becomes relevant realistically in the cell phone battle remains to be seen, although that is very hard to imagine happening given the strangle hold that AT'T and Verizon have on the business.
That certainly won't hinder T Mobile and its undeniable effort being put forth to try and make a little noise and keep the two big carriers on their heels and paying attention to the rest of the pack. AT'T and Verizon certainly aren't blind to T Mobile anymore, which in and of itself is a win for T Mobile.

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