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Baby cake: Why choosing competent babysitter should be simple

The day will come when mom and dad decide to leave their kids. Temporarily, of course.
This conversation centers on parents who have kids that are old enough to stay home with a babysitter, but more so about how to find one that you'll feel comfortable with, can trust and will allow you that peace of mind when you finally go out on a dinner date with your significant other and don't be constantly worried the entire time.
The babysitter decision isn't one that moms and dads enter into lightly. Most of the time, parents will look toward relatives and family to be the babysitter of choice, but that isn't always an option as far as giving parents a much needed night out on the town, dinner for two or anything else that gives them time together away from the kids.
Sometimes, you have to look past friends and family and find someone you have never met, but still believe is going to be everything from honest to diligent as the person now responsible for your kids, even if for a few hours.
What's the best means to find the best babysitter?

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The most obvious choice, if you can't find someone you know, is using someone that a close friend or family member knows. The referral often is the best means of finding a babysitter that you can't personally vouch for but someone else certainly can.
The other route simply allows you to trust sites such as care.com and others of that ilk that do extensive background check and research to find you a babysitter or someone to care for your children so that you don't have to put in all the leg work.
That said, you can't put all of your trust in just those sites; they'll find someone for you, but it still is your responsibility to check references, and have the interview that touches on key points in addition to the reference check. You can see how they interact with your kids, make sure they are trained to handle certain situations (maybe they're trained in CPR or prepared to react for instance if your child is choking).
You also can't overlook that sixth's sense, that feeling you get when you see them, talk to them and using that gut feeling and their references and background check to know you've found someone that is going to work well with your children and, of course, your mindset every time you leave the house.

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