Help me, Ronda: Why losing might have saved career of Rousey

11/17/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

Getting beaten in an MMA fight or boxing match is one thing. Getting dominated while losing is another thing. And having that happen when you're an overwhelming favorite is off the charts bad. But maybe, just maybe, losing to Holly Holm could be the best thing that happened to Ronda Rousey right now.
Through 11 fights, Rousey was a machine. She barely broke a sweat in those fights they were over so fast. But then came Holly Holm, a former boxer, who brought something different that a most of Rousey's other opponents didn't have. Real professional fighting experience. While most of Rousey's other opponents were doing something else in life before and sometimes during their MMA careers, Holm starting kickboxing at age 20. She has 38 professional boxing matches under her belt. Her fight against Rousey was her 10th MMA fight, and she had won 6 of the previous 9 by knockout. Despite being unknown by the mainstream media and obviously being underestimated (Holm was an 800 to 1 underdog), Holly Holm is a damn good fighter with a whole lot of experience and previous success.
So while it may be a shock that Rousey lost, it's not as bad as it may seem. Now that the world is finding out about Holly Holm, it doesn't seem like that big of a surprise that she beat Rousey. Losing that fight shouldn't take anything away from Rousey, it should be a credit to Holm that she won the fight.

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This could also be the start of a great rivalry. Rousey was a one woman show in the UFC. Nobody was on the same level as her. Now she has an a legitimate foe who isn't going to get tapped out in the first half minute of the fight. For as many UFC fans that tuned in to see Rousey destroy whoever she was fighting, more fans of MMA and other forms of professional fighting may tune in now to see a rematch that should be built up as a huge event. Rousey made over $6 million dollars for the first fight, both her and Holm are looking at a huge payday in this rematch. And if Rousey wins next time, how big could the rubber match in that 3rd fight be? The potential for this rivalry to grow is endless, especially with their being some real dislike between the two ladies before the first fight. And more so now with Holm winning the first match and handing Rousey her first defeat in the process.
But what is the best thing that can come out of this for Rousey? She can refocus on who she really is and what brought her to where she was prior to losing that fight. Rousey can forget about making movies and being on magazine covers for a while. She can back away from making WWE appearances. Not worry about hocking energy drinks and burgers and she can refocus on just being a fighter.
Rousey became so popular and so mainstream that people, myself included, were tired of seeing her. No matter where you turned, whether it was television, radio, online, or in print, Ronda Rousey was there. But all of that publicity and fame took away from her being able to focus on being Ronda Rousey the fighter instead of Ronda Rousey the Carl's Jr. or Monster Energy Drink spokeswoman.
So once the shock wears off, at the end of the day, it's just one loss. Ronda Rousey, like just about every great fighter before her, lost. But maybe by losing, that hunger that made Rousey so dominant will be back. Maybe instead of being so overconfident she wouldn't even touch gloves with Holm before the fight, she'll be a little more humble next time. Maybe instead of believing the overhype, she'll be grounded like she was when she ended 10 of her first 11 fights early in the first round.
And if she does find that and beats Holm in the rematch. Maybe dominates Holm in the 3rd fight. Then that dominance and invincibility comes back. Maybe she never loses again because this loss woke her up. Because this loss made her realize that instead of believing she could beat a male MMA fighter or would have any kind of chance against Floyd Mayweather (and she would have no chance), she needs to worry about that opponent in the ring with her. And maybe Ronda Rousey never loses focus again because of this loss

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