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Like-able: Do you really like the person you're with?

For those in relationships that you're not so crazy about but they're not so bad either, you should reference an episode of "Sex in the City," one that probably is a throwaway in the grand scheme of how the show ended, but still poignant for the purpose of discussing whether you actually like the person you're with or not.
In the episode, Carrie Bradshaw is dating a guy who she argues with a lot. And you can actually call it more dislike than anything else; when they would communicate, something was off, they didn't get one another or the male character just was a bit too sensitive about everything that Carrie would say.
He was literal, and offended easily and had little self confidence. The Carrie character, however, tried to convince herself that she liked him, that she could learn to like him or even when they had these inconsequential spats, they didn't mean a whole lot because they had a routine they would engage in to make it go away.
In other words, they just didn't jive.
So the question remains, do you really, truthfully get along with your partner? Or, do you, like Carrie, talk yourself more into the relationship than out of it?

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Often relationships on either side of the table die slow deaths due to the fact that you try rationalize that the person is nice or perfect, when in actuality that hasn't translated quite like you'd expect it to. You're happy being with them, but the love or "like" you have for them is just predicated on the fact that you convince yourself you want it to work, but it just isn't there, no chemistry.
Communication also is the root of happiness, and often times one person is all too willing to pour their heart out, while others are a closed book. And while the latter might be justified as being a personality trait, if you truly love someone, you can't wait to talk to them, be around them and be the first to tell them how you feel about them, whether you're responding to a random text or if you're thinking about any and all ways you can make their lives better.
And, ironically, their life is better, when you ask them, just because of you.
Good relationships, the ones that matter and when you can't live without that person, are the ones that you don't even have to think about how you feel about them. It's there, and never waivers or goes anywhere. 
And you'll certainly not need to remind yourself if you even like that person.

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