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Knock them dead: Why bowling is the great winter activity

As the cold temperatures move in, individuals, couples and families alike are being driven from their pools, decks, barbecue grills and any other activity they do outdoors.
What sounds almost like a bad horror movie (forced from the outside and into their homes, etc.) is actually the cruel reality that is bitter cold weather, frost, snow and anything else you'd equate to winter.
Mostly, you're thinking temperatures that are freezing or below and all the more reason to stay inside.
But for those who don't hibernate or hole up for the winter, you'll undoubtedly be looking for something to do this winter season. Granted, there's plenty of ski slopes and tubing for everyone, but if you're not so crazy about barreling down the hill on skis, you're in luck.
There is one activity slash sport that everyone can enjoy.

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Say hello to bowling.
You remember the smell of those bowling shoes (or maybe you want to forget them), the lanes, the snack bar with the bad, yet delicious food, and searching out for that ball that is neon undoubtedly but just the right weight for you.
For me, it's about harkening back to a time as a kid when I bowled in a junior league on the weekends. I'd head there around noon, just in time for the pan pizza and to be awarded a patch or trophy for last week's big game.
Bowling has always been fun, innocent and something virtually anyone can do. Advancements have turned bowling into something that is not just appealing to kids or older chaps in a night time money league.
Cosmic bowling and parties of that ilk have taken teens and young adults and reinvigorated their interest in bowling.
But what's the real selling point of bowling?
The cost, naturally. Bowling is inexpensive, even with those aforementioned rental shoes. Games range between a few dollars to maybe a little less than 10 tops, but rarely reaches that plateau, and those who market bowling or want it to be perceived as something worthwhile to do in the winter will market it as family fun, and that isn't just a clever slogan.
Bowling has evolved from smoke filled rooms with cash bets to something that is bright, lively and welcoming.
So when you are contemplating what to do on the weekends, don't fret. Bowling has struck it big with those of all ages.

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