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Working it out: Why certain habits post workout need skipped

How many times have you had someone say to you what you should or shouldn't be doing as far as exercising goes?
Probably, plenty of times.
When it comes to exercise, everyone seems to be an expert.
They'll tell you, if you listen, what to eat, how to eat, how to exercise, what to do before a workout or after one. No matter how you slice it, there are some truths to exercise and what should and shouldn't be done.
Case in point, what exactly is the best course of action to take after a workout? There are certain things you should be doing and other things you should steer clear of all the time, every time you finish up exercising.

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One of the biggest tradeoffs that really isn't one in the first place is when you justify being able to eat whatever you want and assume that burgers and fries, pancakes and syrup or friend anything and everything is OK since you just burned calories. In fact, some exercisers will tell you that the only reason they exercise is so they can eat whatever they want, which is an attitude that hardly is going to leave you achieving any sort of weight loss or exercise goals.
The same goes for sugary sodas and drinks after your workout. You should be focused on hydrating and replenishing your sweat in the form of water and only water. Energy drinks and so called sports beverages are sugar personified.
And not sure what you've heard about stretching or cooling down before your workout, the post exercise stretch and relaxation, even if it just a little walking on a treadmill, is necessary to avoid injury and to ensure you're not going to wake up sore the next morning.
As much as you believe that exercise is something you just do but not prepare or plan, you're wrong. The ones who have the most success are the ones that track what they do and how much they're exercising, taking measurements and watching their weight by actually writing it down. Think of it as a budget for your body.
Exercise isn't everyone's favorite but it is a necessity, for the sake of your health and well being. And in order to get the full affects of it, you have to finish the workout the same way you started it: with the right attitude.

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