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Hidden germs: Why some spots in public are riddled with bacteria

As cold and flu season are upon us, millions are lining up at health fairs, drug stores and their doctor's office to get that much polarizing flu shot and keep their fingers crossed that the virus stay as far away from them as possible.
But are you really going to rely on just a flu shot? Furthermore, are there ways you can prevent the spread of germs or contacting them altogether while you're out and about? Remember, you can't just sanitize every and anything just at home?
You have to be aware of certain public spots and locations that are typically fueled by germs and are places you undoubtedly need to be aware of as you go about your day.
One place that you can't overlook is the grocery store, namely the one area that is terribly riddled with gems: in and around the cash register. Think about how many times someone touches that ATM key pad to use a credit or debit card for their purchase or that dirty and disgusting conveyer belt that has seen one too many stains and hand prints for anyone's taste.
And those magazine stashed by the cash register; well how many times do you think a random person has taken their flu ridden hands and flipped through the pages while they're trying to keep that runny nose at bay?

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The shopping carts are perhaps even worse than the conveyer belts and magazines at the store, too.
From the grocery store to restaurants and eating out, you can't ignore just how much germs love these particular spots at your favorite eatery, too. The biggest mistake most make is that they trust the dishwashing system at a restaurant, namely the plastic glasses at some places and refusing to use a simple straw to combat the problem. You can't, of course, bring your own silverware but you can decide smartly to not drink from the glass and take the straw instead.
Take advantage of using hand sanitizers, washing your hands and of course taking proper precaution at the store and restaurants of your choosing. You also can't ignore the efforts of those places to keep things on the up and up from a sanitizing level, but your best judgment always will steer you in the right direction and away from germs.

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