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Micro-managing: Over Thinking Buying A Microwave Is Actually A Smart Move

Easily one of the more used appliances within your house is the highly coveted microwave.
Not since the toaster has a counter top device made life within the confines of the kitchen much easier.
Moms on the go, dads who have bestowed the responsibility of dinner or kids looking for after school snacks look at the microwave as their go to savior of sorts when time is of the essence.
As far as choosing a particular brand of microwave, consumers tend to lean toward the ones that are cheaper, despite how much the appliance is used.
That mentality often is questioned if you think about it from a realistic standpoint: why would you buy a cheaper product if it is something you use all the time?

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Choosing to buy a $50 or $60 microwave certainly won't spell the end of the world or ruin the flow of your kitchen, but it could prove costly if you are buying low but actually need a higher end model.
Think about the size of your family: you certainly don't want a smaller, lesser priced microwave with very little capacity; unless you don't mind a single filed line forming behind your microwave.
And if you are planning to mount your microwave above a stove, take into consideration the size of the spot versus the size of the microwave. Nothing looks sillier than purchasing a small microwave for a spot that is too big to justify. The flip side to that thinking is a small, apartment or townhouse like counter top only to buy a microwave that looks more like a fridge within the room.
Certain brands stand out much more than others: Sharp, Panasonic, Amana and Whirlpool stake their claim as some of the better options available.
As for features, make sure the microwave has the word "convection," which equates to cooking the food all the way through.
Convection isn't anything new and doesn't come with an upgrade as far as price goes; they start at around $100 for that technology. The same can be said for other features, including simple, one touch buttons for specific foods and the LCD displays should be standard fare.
So is there a specific microwave that is a frontrunner?
For the money, around $200, the Amana AMC line of microwaves makes plenty of sense both from a cost and capacity standpoint . It's not overly large but big enough to service a couple starting out or a family of four.
It's that kind of versatility that makes the microwave irreplaceable and often hard to decide which one to buy.

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