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Thirty nothings: Money mistakes in your 30s when it matters most

What's the biggest money mistake you can make in your 30s?
The answer isn't just one but rather several that can lead to lack a of saving money and not taking full advantage of means to be able to plan for retirement, something that often is overlooked by those that age bracket.
When you're 30 years old, you often put retirement and perhaps even saving money on the back burner for a number of reasons, even if they're not justified.
Often in your 30s, you are just finding your groove from a job standpoint and perhaps your salary isn't exactly where you want it to be, and you reason with yourself that you want to keep as much money in your bank account as possible and you aren't interested in parting with it, even if its for retirement or something such as a flexible spending account, both of which will be offered by your company.
The FSA allows you to put money aside on a pretax basis and use for health related expenses. The retirement and subsequently not putting money aside for it is just plain silly. If your company is matching your contribution or giving you 50% toward what you're putting in that's free money that you're letting go.

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And as long as you're talking retirement and 401K, you should increase that contribution as years pass or give as much as possible. The truth is social security for your 30 something year old self might not see any of, if at all, so your money being put toward retirement is much more important than spending it on a vacation or even a night out. You have to consider that you want to be able to retire and live comfortably without having to work into your late 60s or even 70s.
Your company is trying to make it easy on you, so let them do so without ignoring just how easy this can be. The same is for typically low cost insurance for life and disability. A lot of times, life insurance, for instance, is a few dollars per month, but still some walk away from it and believe they need to keep as much money on hand and in their check as possible.
You're never too old to think about the future but even that is only part of what you should be doing in your 30s to not only think about what's ahead but making sure your money is working well and in your favor.

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