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Cable bodied: Why cable television has little to no value

Who doesn't want to cut that cable cord? Certainly, anyone who has paid their fair share of cable bills and sat in front of their television with little to no true entertainment value knows just how much they want to end their tumultuous and rather expensive run with cable.
The real issue and problems with cable television is its lack of pure value. The average cable bill is around $200 per month, which is costing you $2400 per year, and that's a nice chunk of change when you consider what that could buy if you cut the cord over the course of 5 years.
That's well over $10,000 in cash that has gotten you, what exactly?
I've tried to argue that cable is a necessary evil, but that argument gets thinner and harder to justify with every monthly bill paid or hours of flipping through channels and realizing there isn't much on to watch, if anything, and when you want to watch a movie, it had better be on cable or you'll be paying that much more for a pay channel such as HBO or Starz.
Comcast and even the large scale satellite dish providers are battling for dollars and customers given the fact that the rise of the streaming service has chipped away at disgruntled consumers who are burnt out and broke on the pricing that cable and dish to some degree have delivered in recent years.

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Cable has tried to come back strong with the bundle packages that add phone and internet to the equation, and a lot of industry insiders will tell you that Comcast always will have the internet and phone at its disposal even if customers cancel their cable altogether.
Those same customers who think they're getting one up on the cable companies by quitting cold turkey are the ones who still have to employ the likes of Comcast so they can gobble up the internet service they'll need to run those same streaming programs, such as Netflix and Hulu.
But even with that, Comcast still needs that cable piece of the puzzle. They're not threatened per say by streaming services, but the influx of those aforementioned staples like Netflix, along with actual networks developing their own streaming service that is non exclusive to cable, tells you just the way the industry of television entertainment is headed.
Cable doesn't want that to happen, and they'll continue to downplay what is decisively a marketplace that is hostile right in their direction.
Having 500 channels and barely watching television, yet paying full price and not having a pay for what you use option, eventually will be the downfall of the cable television. There's just no value in paying for what you don't use, and cable is the epitome of that.

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