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Weekend stale: Why Black Friday still rules but market is crowded

The latest chatter regarding shopping as it relates to the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday," is that the actual shopping day isn't what it used to be, not even close actually.
The crowds, long lines and people waiting outdoors for door busters say otherwise. What tends to water down the mystique that was "Black Friday" are stores opening on Thanksgiving day and further promoting weekend deals and, of course for you online shoppers, "Cyber Monday."
All in all, it sounds like a busy weekend. Most importantly, it's very crowded.
"Black Friday" once was its own entity, unique in its marketing and always was pin pointed to deliver the best deals of the year. The emergency of the Thanksgiving day shopping along with other equally sought after promotions has taken the once magical "Black Friday" and made it just another hectic shopping day between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Why exactly has "Black Friday" been joined by other shopping days of the same marketing ilk?

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Most retailers saw "Black Friday" as a means to catch up on what otherwise was a lackluster sales year. "Black Friday" was sweet salvation from sluggish sales, and was always meant to jump start the week weeks between winter Holidays.
But as hectic as "Black Friday" seems for those who partake in the actual shopping day, the shopping day didn't do as planned and save the day. Retailers decided if Friday after Thanksgiving can be such a pertinent, powerful day to attract customers, why not give Thanksgiving Day, the weekend and Monday after Thanksgiving a shot, too.
The result has been a weekend of epic proportions from a sales standpoint, and also some much needed variety away from just one day being the one you can't miss. The thought of retailers was to make more money but perhaps good judgment prevailed and the abundance of crowds can be filtered over the course of a few days, rather than just one.
Chances are, however, it is more fueled by money than anything else.
But what happened in the process was the epic shopping day that is "Black Friday," although still important, isn't quite as important as it once was to shoppers. 
Yes, if you offer the doorbuster, they will come.
The only difference is now, they can wait a few days and still get something comparable, if not outright identical to what they missed on Friday.

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