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Turkey stuffing: Why staying fit starts before the holidays arrive

Everyone knows that as soon as the holidays come and go, thoughts go from gift giving and sweets to how to sweat off those unnecessary pounds that you just packed on from Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve.
What if losing the holiday pounds in conjunction with those failed New Year's resolutions didn't start on January 2 of the following year but rather a few days or weeks before the holiday season is upon us.
Consider that healthy eating doesn't have to mean the holidays is filled with carrot sticks, water and exercising for hours every day. Instead, think about how you try to eat healthy year round, about how moderation is the main course for most of the time. 
Has anyone ever wondered why that can't be the mindset when the turkey hits the oven and the holiday dinner and cookies and cakes are passed around during the get togethers and parties? The problem with the holidays as it relates to eating and exercise is that it is an all or nothing mentality. We tend to reason with ourselves that the months of November and December are throw aways, and that eating blindly and not making time to exercise is part of the process that is the holiday season. Instead of keeping the same routine, having comparable eating plans during those eight weeks, we deviate and decide that we're going to eat 10 cookies rather than the normal two that we have.
Or we reason that shopping for five hours is better than shopping for three and taking an hour to do that workout that defined your days from January through October of that same year.
Why does it have to be that way? 
Realistically, it doesn't. Not even close actually.

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If you really are struggling with all the eating and food temptation around the holidays, then take the approach of eating clean and relatively modest most of the time and then when you have parties or holiday events, eat whatever you want. Then, the next day go right back to square one.
Through all of this, two things can't change.
You have to have plenty of water for digestive and weight loss purposes and you can't just toss aside exercise all together. Take advantage of any down time to stay close to your gym routine or even take a walk if you get a warmer winter day. Some even walk in the snow and ice after they're bundled up quite well.
Whatever approach you take for the holidays know that you can battle the bulge over time, rather than turning it into a war after the new year that you know you're not going to win all that often.

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