Dark days: Why Black Friday failed and some retailers are really struggling

11/29/15 by Rennie Detore

The numbers are in, and "Black Friday" finished with more of a whimper than a wow.
You also can include Thanksgiving Day shopping on those figures as well, as both days were down quite a bit as the holiday shopping season got started.
The idea that Black Friday and in store shopping as a whole is down quite a bit shouldn't surprise anyone given that trend has been the same for quite some time with the rise of the internet and online shopping.

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Most consumers tend to be smart about their shopping and although some so called "door buster" deals could trump what you can get online, the masses are making a bee line for their computers in the hopes of doing two things: avoiding crowds and not having to deal with actually even leaving the house to get all their shopping needs done.
From parking to pushing and shoving, the mall scene is angry and horribly outdated. Malls across the United States are struggling and closing left and right due to the lack of demand for brick and mortar tangible stores much less these giant mall complexes that aren't really price conscious and fall victim to the likes of Wal Mart and other one stop shopping that is in person.
But the real issue is online and the propensity for much of the country to sit back on their couch and order, check out and be on their way without ever taking off their pajamas. That scenario for most ends any discussion about leaving the house for certain but mainly having to fight the craziness that is in store shopping.
The decision to buy and shop online moving forward isn't going to be a difficult one for consumers. Cyber Monday starts tomorrow, November 30, 2015, and analysts are expecting it to help 2015 and the shopping season into something spectacular as far as one of the better years retail will have from a revenue standpoint.
Some retailers are really feeling it, namely Sears. The once mighty Sears is stuck in retail limbo; they're not good enough in electronics to compete with Best Buy and appliances and tools tend to fall in the lap of the likes of Lowes and Home Depot. Sears has no clothes worth buying really as far as style standpoint and certainly doesn't stack up to any clothing retailer realistically.
So if you're Sears you shouldn't be all that optimistic about a wonderful holiday. For those companies that are wanting to have it all, they'll have to understand that most of what you achieve revenue wise is going to happen online.

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