Wood chipper: Why Tiger needs to take permanent vacation from golf

12/03/15 by Rennie Detore

No one is going to argue or lament the legacy of Tiger Woods. He's arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time and an iconic legend in all of sports, reaching far beyond golf with his popularity.
But much like all the greats, their time on top of the world and their sport can't last forever.
It's time for Tiger to admit as much and walk away for good from the sport he helped reinvigorate as the face of the PGA.

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Woods' meteoric rise to the top of golf's rankings was nothing short of amazing. He was young, talented and accounted for an entirely new audience of golf fans that would migrate to the television to watch Woods play.
His career has been stellar, but the last few years have been Woods' trying to reclaim what once was the No. 1 game in the world. Woods spent close to 700 weeks as the top golfer in the world, and the latest incarnation of Woods is beaten, injured and hardly seems like he has any life left or gas in the proverbial tank.
A recent interview with Woods was disheartening and sad; the quote most of the country took from it was that he said he "has nothing to look forward to" after he went through yet another surgical procedure.
Woods has no shame in saying he's done. What is shameful is that he's trying to hang on and recapture what is long gone: his game, his desire and any chance of winning or even being competitive. The longer he stays on, the worse it becomes. His legacy is safe, but if he continues shoot like he's never seen a golf course or look totally lost on courses that he once manipulated like Eddie Van Halen on a guitar solo, he'll start to be remembered more for the sports athlete that didn't know when to leave.
Not every athlete gets to leave their respective sport on top. Woods seems like he's trying to leave his on the bottom, as he is now ranked 400th on the tour. His name still draws to some degree but for all the wrong reasons.
The Tiger Woods of old would put fans in the stands because he was so good at what he did, the best in the world and totally dominate with every swing and every putt he lined up. Fans clamoring to see Woods are watching an epic fall from grace.
The only way Tiger picks himself back up is to retire and reclaim his name, his brand and anything else to make it easier for fans to forget this version and remember the one that changed golf forever.

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