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Silver schemed: Upcoming blockbusters seem familiar, yet different

Everyone loves a good remake, right? How about a sequel? Then again, you always have the prequels as well, or even an extension of an original or just a flat out blockbuster in waiting.
No matter how you slice it, the movies are pure magic. And what comes before the movie is the ultimate sales pitch, and that starts with the movie trailer and continues with actors making their rounds on morning television and chatting it up with late night hosts.
But even the most anticipated or talked about movies, particularly the ones that have had predecessors or are being redone for whatever reason, either sink or swim with fans. A lot of the collective groans come from movies that have already been made or are being deemed as "reboots" of sorts. Some of those actually are part of a new brand of movies, a series of movies.
Nothing is more evident in that regard than the new "Batman v. Superman," which has Henry Cavill reprising his role as Superman, but Ben Affleck playing the role that Christian Bale just finished not that long ago.
While most fans weren't interested in seeing the always unlikeable Affleck take over a role that was so tremendously done by Bale and especially director Christopher Nolan, but the few trailers put out are hard not to like. The concept and introduction of a new, modern day Lex Luthor and a new Wonder Woman. There might just be enough diversion for fans to forget that Affleck is trying to take the reigns of a role that no one wants redone.

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Fast forward to the new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and you'll see a perfect example of a brand that has gone through numerous movies, some epic and some terribly bad, but all that goes out the window when the "Star Wars" name is attached to virtually anything. Attaching a superb director to the movie (J.J. Abrams) doesn't hurt either (nor does George Lucas, the embattled creator, not having anything to do with the movie).
The key to any Hollywood blockbuster that seems like we've all seen it before it to make it different than what we've seen but yet keep the elements that matter. You've seen that with Star Wars and the Batman movie, where writers and directors and those piecing together the movie trailers know that the movie namesake and actors mean a lot, but not as much as showing fans that what is old can be new again.

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