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Night grooves: Why the impromptu makes SNL worth watching

Ryan Gosling hosted "Saturday Night LIve" on December 5, and the award winning and lauded actor did, well, OK. In fact, he was panned somewhat for being nervous which wouldn't seem typical for an actor of his stature.
But "Saturday Night Live" has a way of bringing out the best or worst in individuals, particularly those who aren't accustomed to comedy. And even the ones who are still "struggle" with the hosting gig on the late night staple of a television show.
So why do we say "struggle," when someone like Gosling is nervous or is doing something that is out of their comfort zone. Gosling clearly was unnerved a bit based on this task, but that, along with other SNL slip ups, is what makes the show truly worth watching.
Think of an actor like Steve Segal, who hosted the show in his prime. The actor doesn't have one comedic bone in his body, and watching him on SNL was hard to do, but the episode, voted worst host in the history of the show, still is sought after 20 some years later due to it being so unique in its own way.
Even though at the time SNL probably took a lot of heat for the episode, that in a nutshell is what makes SNL great. When an actor like Gosling takes the stage, you expect greatness. What you got was a dramatic, handsome actor struggling not to laugh or seemingly a little nervous with the element of live TV.

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And as far as laughing during a skit, that hardly is newsworthy in a bad way. Some of the funnier skits and parts in an SNL episode is when, for example, Will Ferrell is shirtless and the cast and the guest host can help but laugh at his rather plump, hairy body in a half shirt.
That's funny, and hardly the train wreck some make it out to be.
That's not to suggest there isn't such a thing as a bad episode. You can argue that the Gosling episode was "bad," and the same for the Segal one, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Sitting through those episodes shows the magic and power of SNL in a way that you might not be inclined to see right away or when the actual show is happening, but overall it's going to leave its mark on television and epitomize exactly what live television is supposed to look and feel like.

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