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Famed fashion: Why style seeps through on silver screen

Attention guys: you can't always be a red carpet, beacon of fashion but that doesn't mean you can't window shop a bit and take notice of some of the more stylish male actors and their subsequent movie premieres.
Easily one of the more fashionable actors of our time is also the man who doubles as "Double 007." Daniel Craig has been James Bond for the last decade, and not only is he perfectly cast for the role of Bond but he lives and breathes the part beyond the silver screen.
His red carpet suit and tie combinations are stellar, and he rarely has even a hair or cuff link out of place. He sports some shiny suits with a flat color tie (that's a good thing) and often pulls off pinstripes better than the majority of men.
The pinstripe look is one that won't matter much even if you're Bond if the suit isn't tailored to your body and subsequent needs. Granted, we all can't have the financial means to have a thousand dollar suit, but that doesn't mean you should be bumming around in a suit that just simply doesn't fit. And if it is a store bought suit, don't bother if you're going somewhere that requires you to look the part (think wedding guest that isn't ghastly).
Finally, in the world of wondrous suits, you have to assume that the all black, all blue or all of the one color suits might be a hard one to pull off or silly looking in all one color. Nothing could be further from the truth. The one color suit is sensational and is one of the more fashionable ways to don a suit and stand out in the process.

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From pinstripes to paltry, skinny jeans, what is your opinion of those unique denim, dapper dudes who attempt to pull off jeans that don't have bottoms that flare out; you won't find any boot cut jeans with some superstars, but that is perfectly acceptable.
This isn't so much about a specific actor per say but rather the body type of the celebrities that can pull this one off. Think abut a skinnier, smaller framed man and that the skinny jean look is nothing short of perfection in pants.
The next time you think about how you want to pull off a particular look, sometimes searching high and low at the mall isn't the recipe for success. Instead, turn on the TV, watch a movie and pay attention to the leading man so you, in turn, can be one from a fashion perspective.

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