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Food movement: Why the fountain of youth is right in front of your eyes

Think about all the food you eat, daily, weekly, monthly and every year. How many times do you actually pay attention to what you're eating?
Sure, that question might sound super obvious given that you're a healthy eater, you watch you diet and you know what you're eating from a fat or calorie standpoint, but what about the additional benefits of food?
Can food make you feel sluggish, bad and tired? Food is supposed to be fuel, but can it work against you? Furthermore, can food actually turn back the hands of time and make you look younger?
As silly or crazy as it my seem, food can actually make your skin seem tighter and more flawless, and can also neutralize aging.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and foods like oatmeal and eggs can actually work to help you skin look cleaner. Oatmeal actually contains Vitamin E, which is the best recipe for looking younger.

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Beyond just your skin, however, what about those pearly whites, those big beautiful cloud like teeth? Your teeth are just as important to keep bright and healthy, and foods that are filled with Vitamin D absolutely score big to keep your teeth whiter and the enamel from being torn from your teeth. That of course can help with your love of coffee, teas and other harsh foods and drinks that can damage your teeth and take away the brightness of them.
Coffee, however, isn't all that bad. The caffeine isn't advisable, but coffee is healthier than soda and actually can help the liver and how it functions. The liver directly helps you look better and when it's functioning well for example, you'll lose the bags from under your eyes.
And then, there's Vitamin C and foods rich in amino acids and antioxidants. They help keep your skin from aging in the form of tightening it up and preventing sagging.
When you think of foods, you rarely think of how what you're eating is going to do to help you, aside from keeping your stomach from growling. But the magic behind the food you eat doesn't have to center solely on calories or fat but also how the additional benefits that go beyond what's written on a nutritional label.

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