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Mobilized front: T Mobile at it again, and they shouldn't stop there

T Mobile is tough to ignore. Except of course if you're a mobile customer.
That's because for as much as T Mobile tries to make a dent in the customer base that is AT'T and Verizon, they haven't done enough to move out of the number 3 spot in the list of mobile providers (Sprint being fourth).
T Mobile has tried unlimited data, paying for phones on a lease program (they were the first, I believe), and anything else it can think of to create waves in the ultra competitive marketplace that is the cell phone business. 
Everything T Mobile has done centers on customers, and how to service them better and allow them to have all the data and streaming for free that they can handle, and somehow in the process toppling the giants that are Verizon and AT'T.
And until now, they haven't been able to do that. Not even close, actually.
And with that, T Mobile is back at it with an "Uncarrier" program to try and lure customers away from the two cell phone heavy hitters that are Verizon and AT'T, but even this seems like a long shot for the masses.

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So, the memo to T Mobile after watching them struggle and try, and then try again and see little to any results, isn't one of waiving the proverbial white flag but instead a message that is a little more upbeat: don't stop trying and certainly don't give up.
For T Mobile, they're fighting an uphill if not out and out losing battle. They can't nor will they top Verizon for as long as this fight continues. They can't do it, no matter what they try to do to find a happy medium between being number three in this game and trying to at least unseat one of the big two.
But T Mobile is innovative, and isn't afraid to try something new. That type of moxie is a must in any business, and forces Verizon and AT'T to be better. In the end, the customer wins big and the most, even if those same customers don't ultimately end up being a new T Mobile customer.
T Mobile is the type of company that should be lauded for its stubbornness and hosted high above their competitors for what seems like long shots but rather looks more like company that doesn't have any quit in their make up.

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