Rose colored glasses: MLB great is delusional to think Hall is an option

12/17/15 by Rennie Detore

Dear Pete Rose: Enough already.
So, I get it, you're the all time hits leader and you're one of the more intense and hardest working players in the history of Major League Baseball.
You played with such hustle and intensity that you earned the nickname of that very status. And at the end of the day, you probably deserve to be in the Hall of Fame.

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But you bet on baseball while you were a manager. So for that, you're not getting into the Hall of Fame.
Not now, not then. Not ever.
And I'm perfectly fine with that. You left the game you "loved" in shame when you decided to do something wrong. And in a day and age when doing something wrong often is forgiven in sports quite a bit, you're being held accountable for your actions. 
Kudos to Major League Baseball for sticking to its original decision, and making it a point to tell you that the Hall of Fame, enshrinement in this historic institution just isn't going to happen.
Nor should it. Rose was a remarkable player, but he doesn't deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame.
I'm tired of sports looking the other way for the sake of wins and championships when its player do dumb things. Between betting on baseball or domestic violence and other serious issues, these leagues play to win, not to showcase the difference between right and wrong.
Players aren't held to the supposed higher standard that most should be given that athlete status does still mean something with the spotlight of millions watching your every move.
More importantly, you're supposed to be a smart, intelligent and thoughtful human being, athlete or not, you still have to make the right decisions.
Rose didn't.
You can argue that others before him in other sports and even his own deserve the same fate as Rose does. And to some degree, players who cheated and took performance enhancing drugs or some sort of steroid are sitting patiently waiting for their call to the Hall of Fame as well.
I hope they don't get it. I hope Rose doesn't get in, either.
The reason is simple, and has nothing to do with Rose as a player.
It has to do with Rose as the man, the manager and the human being who screwed up and is now pandering for forgiveness. Baseball is staying strong and steadfast in what it wants: Rose out of the Hall.
As far as Rose goes, he needs to stop this pathetic display and let the conversation about baseball's best still include his name but thinking he is going to get his day in the sun for a career tainted by gambling, then he's in for a collision with reality that is much harsher than any slide "Charlie Hustle" had during his playing days.

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