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Care free: Why flawless skin doesn't have to be difficult, pricey

Who doesn't want to have perfect skin?
Sure, we all do, but a lot of times we associated perfect, touchable soft skin to being overly pricey and expensive. The store shelves and online catalogs of sorts are lined with massive amounts of products that range from cheap (and you'd likely stay away from them) to priced extraordinarily and hardly to move.
But what exactly are we supposed to believe about skin care?
Should we assume that the more expensive a product is the better it is going to work? Could a potential home skin care recipe or remedy be all that you need at half the cost or more?
These questions bring to light just how skewed the skin care system can be, given that you're ultimately taken to task as far as what you spend and being told thorough savvy sales and marketing techniques that if you're not dropping $50 on a face wash, you're doing a disservice to your skin.

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But what about your wallet, too?
Truthfully, any good dermatologist or even plastic surgeon will tell you that you can get the best face care in the grocery store aisle just as easily as what you're buying in the health and beauty section as well.
For instance, you can mix honey at home along with cream and fresh avocado to create the kind of moisturizer that the in store products have tried to perfect for years. This is going to cost you only a few dollars, and is going to give you results that are just as good if not better than what you're buying in the stores.
Adult acne can be quite troublesome, and plenty of products like ProActive and others of that ilk ask you to spend a significant amount of money in exchange for results. While no one is arguing how successful ProActive is, you have to wonder if there is a better choice for the cash strapped of the world who struggle with this issue, but can't afford to fix it.
Lemon juice and water, mixed with what is called Brewer's Yeast, works wonders on drying up acne quickly, according to Reader's Digest. This concoction isn't going to cost near what a professional grade cream or treatment would typically charge or anything else that could potentially be harsh that is prescribed by your doctor.
Perfect skin doesn't have to be an all or nothing, financial endeavor. Rather, it can be something you whip up at home right along side breakfast, lunch or dinner and dine knowing you'll be seeing results and saving money in the process.

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