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Germ farmed: Why certain areas of hotels should be off limits

Sometimes, you don't always win with the hotel room you chose. It stings even worse when that hotel was handpicked by someone other than you.
I recently took a new job within the same company, and part of the job is traveling quite a bit over various territories and working with new employees.
The job itself is perfect and superbly enjoyable, but I can't say the same about the travel involved ot this point.
And that annoyance falls squarely on the hotels I've stayed at since this new endeavor began. In the midst of cold and flu season, cleanliness is of the utmost importance, and the hotels (which shall remain nameless) aren't the cleanest or most dapper in the world.
There are certain spots specifically that are notoriously dangerous from a germ standpoint, and should be marked accordingly as such in terms of avoiding them at all costs.

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When was the last time you touched anything of significance in a hotel room? You might to stand clear of light switches, faucet nobs or anything that has the word handle on it or near. In addition, be leery of the bed spread. The last hotel I stayed at, I couldn't sleep. I was too itchy and came to find that the bed had infected with bed bugs. The experience was awful and actually nearly cost me my job because I couldn't stop scratching everywhere.
If you can't sleep, maybe it is also because you're laying your head on a pillow that you're not too sure of; granted, most hotels and the subsequent attendants are seen "cleaning" those cases, but do you ever actually see these cases being cleaned.
You also would be wise to use plastic or paper cups that are sealed, rather than the complimentary coffee mugs or water glasses. They are most likely washed, but even that high heat and detergent (which we assume is a must) isn't enough to get me to take a sip or swig out of the cup sitting there; I simply don't trust that they're washed all that well.
Having to spend a majority of your time working in hotel rooms for overnight stays makes the process of finding one all the more important given that you're not just going to lie your head anywhere if you don't feel comfortable with what you're eyes see.

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