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Sweating it out: Why the ugly holiday sweater is now trendy

Not long ago, if you showed up at the office holiday party or to any sort of get together around the season of giving, more often than not you'd see a sweater that you'd wish someone would have thought to take back to the store.
We're talking about the famous coined "ugly holiday sweater," which started as a joke and now those who are making and selling these horrific sweaters are laughing all the way to the bank.
So how exactly did the holiday sweater rise to fame and fortune after years of toiling around in obscurity and hiding from digs, insults and jokes?
The truth is that what often in pop culture is deemed as a fashionable disaster sometimes follows the path of cult like status. You see it all the time with movies, books or any sort of entertainment.
Television shows, like "Arrested Development" or "Freaks and Geeks," never found an audience initially but enough of a groundswell of interest brought one show back and turned the other one into a short lived series that is lauded every time the term "cult classic" is brought up in a conversation.

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You can take the same approach to movies as well whether you're talking about a John Carpenter classic horror movie ("They Live" comes to mind) and look at the box office monies and chuckle but in reality the movie is one that fans clamor to see. Look no further than the film "A Christmas Story" to see just how things can change in an instant about what popular truly is and how it is defined.
The holiday sweater started and was bred on fashion that wasn't designed to be even called a holiday sweater. In fact, it probably was just an ugly sweater that was red or had a few sparse Christmas trees on it.
What transformed from bad taste to stores actually marketing and promoting these bad sweaters is nothing short of pop culture running its course and at its finest. Now, celebrities are showing these off every chance they get and even holiday parties are being deemed "ugly sweater parties" and becoming all the rage.
No matter how much someone dismisses these sweaters as ugly, it will be just a matter of time before you peel back the clothes in your closet and feel as thought there's an open space there for that sweater you've dismissed but now welcome like the rest of the world with open arms.

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