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Swing and Miss: Why Harvey's blunder is hardly unforgivable

So let's get one thing straight: Steve Harvey screwed up.
The Family Feud host was picked to handle the duties of crowning Miss Universe in the form of hosting the event. Harvey is a stand up comedian by trade, has his own television show and is the host of the syndicated "Feud." 
Ironically, his gaffe at the Miss Universe pageant created quite the back and forth spats via social media and various news outlets. Harvey announced the winner of the Miss Universe pageant incorrectly.
He gave the crown to Miss Columbia when the actual winner on the card was Ms. Philippines, and Harvey misread the card which was supposed to be announced as Miss Columbia is the first runner up.
What made matters worse is that Miss Columbia was given her crown, flowers and was smiling from ear to ear before Harvey walked back on to stage and said he was going to take control of the situation and apologized for his mistake and said it was on him for what had just transpired.
The result, much like it is with social media and far too many people with far too many minutes to spare and subsequently waste, was a firestorm that had Harvey and his would be gigantic miscue at the forefront.

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Harvey is rather slick on the microphone and can come up with one liners, one after another, especially when you watch him on the Family Feud. But Harvey truly, in this instance, made an honest mistake and shouldn't necessarily have his career ripped from his grasp because he got caught up in the moment of announcing a pageant winner.
The chances of Harvey snatching up another hosting gig any time soon probably won't happen, but his overzealous mistake wasn't done to derail this pageant. Harvey went on to Twitter and apologized again, and he seems truly disheartened by what happened.
Those who are going crazy over what happened and acting as though Harvey should be jailed for it need to pump the brakes and let the comedian and host live again after the fact and understand that live television is the risk that networks are wiling to take.
And when you go live, anything can happen, and "anything did."
So now it's time to move on and let Harvey take his lumps, feel bad and then go on cracking his pre taped jokes.

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