Home found: Why Home Alone can show you all about holiday safety

12/26/15 by Jackie Russo

Macaulay Culkin popped up recently in what can only be described as an adult oriented short online that depicted him as himself, although he rehashes what his Kevin McAllister character went through as a child in the wildly popular and successful Christmas movie, "Home Alone."
He goes to say how he was left at home, his parents didn't care and he had to fend off his house from burglars that didn't even curse.
Yes, "Home Alone" was PG, and the then 8 year old Culkin scored big as the lovable Kevin in a movie that went on to be a box office smash. The movie undoubtedly has been watched countless times over the years as one of the more played and lauded holiday films in the history of that genre (or comedy in general).

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Often lost in the last act of the movie, where Kevin takes care of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern, the actors who play the two intruders, is just how unsafe the holidays can be if you're not careful. Granted, you won't have to dodge paint cans flying from the stair case or worry about a door knob being too hot when you try to open it, but there's plenty from "Home Alone" that we take and use for the purposes of not having an injury or accident as a result of winter weather.
The easiest scene to pull from is the very beginning of the chicanery where Stern and Pesci separate and go to the front of the house and down the basement steps outside. Both slip on ice and fall comically of course to the ground. The truth is slips, trips and falls account for a huge number of holiday and winter accidents, so the way to combat this is always have three points of contact when you ascend or descend steps. That would include using handrails at all times, but also make sure you test them to see if putting even a little bit of weight on it is going to result in that falling along with you.
Two other scenes that come to mind feature Pesci and Stern slipping and falling on toys left deliberately, but that is all too much of a reality for parents and kids who can easily slip and fall on toys left lying about on Christmas morning. That goes for the ornaments, too, that may have fallen off the tree (think Daniel Stern coming in through the window). In addition. always be sure to check toys for small pieces that can become dislodged or left about, which can be a choking hazard for younger children.
"Home Alone" is one of our holiday treasures in the form of film, but beyond the fun and hijinks in the movie, you can pull from it ways to make the holiday season not only happy but healthier in the form of safety.

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