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Sale priced: Why post holiday shopping is most lucrative of season

Check the calendar today: it's December 26, more importantly the day after Christmas.
You undoubtedly opened up a plethora of gifts, enjoyed plenty of good food and spent time with your friends and family.
But once the dishes have been cleared and the wrapping paper tossed about has settled, you'd be wise to start thinking about one thing: shopping.
No, that doesn't mean returning that sweater from your aunt you'll never wear or you mom getting you gift cards to a restaurant that you don't like (although returns and subsequent shopping are a big part of post holiday shopping).
Instead, the day after Christmas (particularly when it is on a weekend like Saturday) is ripe with sales upon sales, so if you need to return something, do it on December 26 and even if you don't, don't hesitate to consider buying for yourself one day removed from Christmas Day.

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Retailers realize two things: you'll be in the store bringing back what you don't want or need, and that is a perfect opportunity for you to not only exchange the gift but maybe buy more, which is why everything is going to be priced to move.
And even if you aren't returning anything, your best bet is to stock up on a new wardrobe as clothing typically is cut price wise more than any other product. The clothing mark up is always high as retailers tend to want to get rid of inventory (mostly winter styles) to make room for spring but mostly because they want to keep the revolving product choices moving a little faster, particularly when the in store shopping sales are down, and you can't allow those same sweaters to sit there and stare at you for months upon a time.
Retailers realize this and also the propensity for shoppers to look for deals even after Christmas, which is why that day is one of the more coveted for retailers, and typically produces some great sales figures for stores.
Of course, you can't go wrong with buying Christmas decorations the day after the holidays, either. They'll be nearly 75 percent off or more, and you should be stocking up for next year.
The holidays and the shopping leading up to it typically hit your wallet hard, but if you're smart shopper (and you know you are), you planned ahead and realize just how much you'll save even after you're done with your so called and specific Christmas shopping.

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