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Wait, lost: Why your weight loss resolution needs kept simple

The holidays have come and gone, and the masses are having their swan song for 2015 with cookies, cakes, sweets and junk food before they turn to the new year and their thoughts of losing weight as the top resolution on their list.
So even after Christmas dinner or your holiday festivities chances are you're eating whatever you want for that time between December 25 and January 1, and just reminding yourself as you stuff in that last piece of nut roll or home made pasta dish that once the new year rolls in you're going to hit the gym again or cutting back on extra calories.
And then what happens? Well, March rolls around and those gym visits went from gung ho to gone for good, and that four day per week schedule you were on for a few weeks in January turned into barely packing a gym bag once or twice throughout the course of a month.
What exactly went wrong? Furthermore, what exactly is going to go wrong again this year?
The truth is, the majority of new year's exercisers do two things wrong: they set their standards and subsequent results too high, and they overcomplicate the process.

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The former is quite easy to spot as those goals of losing 20, 30 or even 50 pounds need to come with a sense of reality and not hoping, praying and desperately wanting to tell yourself that you can have the body you want within a few weeks, a month tops. Going that route is nothing more than setting yourself up for disappointment and when you don't see results right away, you simply walk away from any goal you've set for yourself.
Think of it in terms of saving money. You wouldn't believe you can save $5,000 in a few weeks, right? Why would you believe you can lose 50 pounds in a few weeks, when you've put it on over months or years?
As far as keeping it simple, you have to take the same approach you would to money, once again, and how you'd keep a budget. You spend less than you make, and you should lower your calories in conjunction with your workout. That isn't to suggest that you should burn a thousand calories and eat less than that, but what it does mean is you can't assume that when you burn calories you can eat whatever you want. A huge missteps from most exercisers is they barter with what they burn versus what they eat. You've uncertainly heard exercisers say that, "I just worked out, now I can eat what I want." That mentality is made for failure.
Having a new year's resolution that centers on getting your body back in shape is nothing new, and neither is failing. False hope and complicating the matter makes that even more daunting, so determining a path of resistance that is realistic remains the better option.

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