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Groom's men: Why grooming and men don't always mix

A popular topic related to men and how they take care of themselves often doesn't center on exercise or diet, but rather what they aren't so adept at doing: grooming.
Why is grooming so difficult for men? And why exactly do some men groom in certain places and miss out totally on others?
The first element of this is the influx and renewed popularity of men wearing their beards loud, proud and long. The beard is back, and men of all shapes and sizes and ages are wearing beards, whether it is a sleek, classy and bold five o'clock shadow or the Duck Dynasty special. The latter is quite unflattering unless you're a pro athlete or UFC fighter. The long, unkempt look of the beard is a bad idea, and most women aren't going to think much of them. That being said, grooming that longer beard and making it look as if there was some sort of intent behind it certainly will help you chances of it being perceived as a stylish point, rather than a lack of desire to shave.
Men often forget too that grooming isn't just about your beard or mustache, but also that straight line being built across your eyes known as the always comical unibrow, which would suggest that men should get in the habit of tweezing so that they actually have two eyebrows and not one.
The same principle applies once again to the beard area. Do you know that spot on your cheek, just above that perfectly groomed beard where you get a few long hairs that grow, the ones that you can easily miss. Those Teen Wolf hairs need kept up with or you'll start to look like your eyebrows and your beard are going to connect at some point.

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And perhaps the most unsightly of grooming misses has to be what's up your nose. Those long hairs, the ones poking out from inside your nostrils, need to be trimmed on a consistent basis in order to avoid them being that first impression you simply can't recover from whatsoever. Your nose hairs are easy to overlook because you might not be inclined to take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror beyond those obvious trouble spots: eyebrows, beard, etc. Your nose hairs can be clipped rather easily with any number of products that go right for the jugular as far as ridding yourself of these hairy situations.
Shaving, or tidying up your facial hairs don't always come easy to men; they take pride in being able to spend as little time in the bathroom, getting ready or prepping as possible, but even the most distracted of dudes can't miss these gaffes of grooming.

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