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Attraction by subtraction: How to eliminate things that make you less desirable

Have you ever wondered how attractive you really are?
Of course you have. Who hasn't? Anyone who takes pride in their appearance often wonders where they fall on the attractive spectrum, and most assume that their looks alone don't totally define how appealing they are to someone else.
A lot goes into what defines attractiveness in another person, whether you value humor, looks, thoughtfulness or sweetness. But while you're in the midst of wondering just how attractive you are (and yes, that is in the eye of the beholder), did you ever think about ways you can be more attractive.
No, this isn't about a Hollywood makeover or plastic surgery or having a new wardrobe at the drop of that stylish hat, but rather subtle ways you can seem more wanted.
First, check your posture. Yes, your posture. Are your shoulders back, do you slouch, do you make eye contact when you talk to someone, or are you constantly looking away? All of these pertinent questions will let someone know if you're worth approaching, if you're assertive or if you have someone to say. How you look from a postural standpoint often will tell the person who is debating if they're interested in meeting you or talking to you if you have some sense of purpose in what you have to say.

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Slumped over in a chair across the bar is not attractive and hardly would be described as appealing.
From slumping to sluggish, are you doing anything to improve your physique by just adding a short, 30 minute workout to your routine? And as long as you're sculpting that body, what is your clothing situation? This isn't about wardrobe or buying a whole new one, but examining if what you are wearing is too big or too small for your body. Both are really bad ideas.
Clothing that is too tight is suggesting you're trying too hard or you aren't really in tune with your body (this is for guys, for example, that are wearing tight Under Armor and you aren't exactly the picture of physical perfection or even close).
Too loose of clothing makes you look frumpy and as if you don't care that your clothing doesn't accentuate your body but rather you're hiding it. First impressions make you attractive at a glance and if you're a size 32 waist and you're sitting at 36, you look more like your clothes are pajamas more than a positive point of your overall attractiveness.
Who knew being attractive could be so easy, but it can be if you've thought about the little things you can do daily to draw the kind of attention you want.

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