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Deal braking: Why some post holiday products are perfect buys

Just because the holiday shopping is over doesn't mean that the sales and retailers are giving up on the consumers.
In fact, some would argue that the sales start to get hot and heavy once December 25 comes and goes. Retailers offer huge discounts once the holidays are over, but there are some types of products that trump all and are widely considered great buys at the end of the year.
Take for instance all those electronics that you didn't buy as gifts for others or even yourself (you know you have to buy yourself something around the holidays). Did you know that some retailers, even the major ones like Best Buy and Wal Mart, tend to discount them considerably once Christmas and shopping are over. If you've been contemplating getting a new flat screen television, 4K set or even a new washer, dryer or appliance, the best time to replace them or get something new would be once you're taking down your holiday decorations.
And speaking of holiday decorations, you would be wise to buy them now. Some consumers laugh off the notion about cluttering up boxes and bins of decorations that they just took down, but if you're thinking about putting twinkle lights up next year on the house or decorating the front porch because you didn't this year, you'll save in the neighborhood of 70 to 80 percent on just about anything Christmas oriented, whether it's lights, tinsel a new plastic tree or even that life size Santa tie down you've wanted to match the Rudolph one you already own.
And chances are you already own a winter coat or winter wear in general, but retailers take the post holiday time period as means to unload winter clothing in general. Spring is months away, but retailers are always trying to move inventory as quickly as possible, and that starts with late December and early January sales on coats, fleece and everything else that keeps us warm. The unseasonably warm weather on the east coast also has made buying winter wear even more lucrative to the tune of 60 to 70 percent off as stores are overstocked thanks to temperatures pushing the mid to high 50s and in some cases 60s.

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Just thinking about spending money after the holidays seems silly given that you just dumped a ton of money on gifts for others. But if you plan accordingly and spend right, you might have a little leftover for the after holiday sales that seem to be just as stellar as the ones beforehand.

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