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Break downer: How to know if your relationship is failing

When you think about your relationship, the person you're dating, your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or wife, you ultimately know without much digging or soul searching if things are going well or if you're a few days or hours, in fact, away from a breakup.
But sometime the signs of a relationship starting to falter aren't quite as easy to spot, and they're embedded in conversations, looks or non verbal cues or moves that the average person doesn't always pick up on daily or during the course of the random argument or interaction.
For instance, think about the conversations you have with your significant other. How exactly do they go, how do they start and most importantly, how do they end?
If the conversations or just even the most random speaking parts of your relationship center on negativity or the tone is totally not upbeat at all. The key to great communication is not pretending you don't fight or argue but to keep the conversation upbeat and make sure to include something positive as part of it.
That being said, conflict is something a relationship has to go through on a sporadic basis so withdrawing completely from any sort of conflict is bad. You have to make it a point to work out lingering issues or the really big ones, and leaving them linger is only going to make feelings even more hurt or when things finally come to pass, they'll blow up and become more difficult to salvage.

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In terms of the non verbal part of bad or struggling relationships, these ones are easy to spot and often come with great obviousness but sometimes we're not always looking for the simple. In the midst of an argument or bad relationship, you tend to become so angry or upset, that the things that you should notice go by the wayside.
Do you make eye contact? Do you look down? Are you standing facing the person you're talking with? How about those arms, are they open or closed?
Giving off these cues or being the one that is faced with them does two things: it totally disengages the person you're talking with and shows a total lack of understanding, care or respect to the other person.
That attitude, even if no words are spoken, is going to only serve to be another roadblock toward working out issues. Not every relationship can be saved but for those that can, the key is finding out what's wrong and addressing it rather than unconsciously (or consciously) looking the other way.

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