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Snap chat: New Polaroid camera is all the buzz for good reason

Some 30 years ago or so Polaroid put out a camera that captivated consumers with its brand of simplicity. Take a phone, and a few seconds later, you'd get a photo in your hand.
Hard to believe that idea didn't find its way into the 21st century, only with an upgrade attached to it. Instead, we got a lot of digital cameras, zooming capabilities and crystal clear pictures that could easily be printed from a computer.
But not a peep out of Polaroid. That is, until now.
Polaroid has unveiled its latest and greatest with its Snap Instant camera, priced affordably at under $100 and incorporating the same technology from three decades ago only with a little bit of a twist.
First, Snap Instant is what the name says: instant. Pictures come out quickly and efficiently, and even better and not surprisingly the quality of the photos is quite good for an instant camera. These are real life, colorful and quite awe inspiring digital pictures. Polaroid certainly has come a long way since the Snap Instant predecessor from the 1980s.

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To add to the allure of the Snap Instant are two more selling points: price and peel and stick. The latter is pretty self explanatory as the photos you print can be peeled and stuck as part of how you display them.
From a price standpoint, the Polaroid Snap Instant rivals other, higher end cameras but still doesn't skimp on how the photos look. Also, most higher end digital cameras tend to not only carry a huge price tag but also remain bulky and awkward, and you need a camera bag, case and other even more cumbersome carrying apparatuses just to tote them from one soccer game to another or any other event you want to capture but need a mini van just to get it from point A to point B.
The Polaroid Snap Instant isn't without its issues, although it is just one that is sporadic. Some have said the film is hard to install and can hinder the camera being able to work efficiently (as in being able to take one picture after another quickly).
Even that, however, is few and far between.
Polaroid Snap Instant is a fresh, modern day look and feel of what made Polaroid a household name years ago with that same simple game plan: take photos, print them in an instant and simply enjoy.

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