3 worst airport styles

01/03/16 by Rennie Detore

When you think about the airport and subsequent travel, you hardly spend a lot of time worrying about clothes, fashion or style.
Then again, maybe we should.
Trips to the airport often are hectic, and plenty of travelers simply want to be comfortable on the plane, but even that mindset shouldn't be mistaken for looking foolish or going completely counter productive to looking good even when you're trying to relax.

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Some fashion faux pas are as easy to spot as the plane itself, and even though the airport often is viewed as a place where any fashion can fly, you have to consider the following totally a no way this fashion or outfit is going to fly.
Socks and sandals: If you're traveling from cold to warm temperatures (think east coast in the winter months to sunny Florida perhaps), you might want to have the best of both worlds. And with that, men tend to wear socks to stay warm, but want to have their sandals readily accessible once they step out of the cold and on to the warm ground of a more tropical spot. The socks and sandals are terrible no matter how you try to justify it.
Winter coat and shorts: You can take all that we learned from the first item and it pertains to this one as well. Why on Earth would you wear a winter jacket with shorts (and usually sandals on your feet to boot)? If you can't stand to be cold, the jacket of course would be fine, but pack the shorts in your bag and wear something a little more climate appropriate, such as a nicer pair of sweats or warm up pants that look as though they belong with the entire ensemble.
Jeans tucked into boots: Yes, skinny jeans for men are all the rage, but one piece of style that simply has to go is the skinny jeans and the boots or basketball shoes that guy wear over them. Simply put, they tuck the jeans into the boots and look totally ridiculous as a result. Not sure why or how this look got started, but it is totally unflattering. If skinny jeans are your denim of choice, then wear a low cut shoe or Converse style sneaker as the perfect pair, rather than having your Air Jordan's engulf those skinny jeans and totally overpower your outfit in a very bad way.
Being comfy at the airport doesn't mean you have to sacrifice looking as though you don't care all that much about how you look.

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