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Fat charmed: New reality show hits fitness nail on head

New year. New you.
That is the plan for a number of individuals as 2015 ends and 2016 begins as far as fitness goes and it relates to eating but more so exercise and just exactly how much you can squeeze in this year.
That "new you" means you're intent on losing weight, cutting fat, eating better but mostly making time to workout. A lot of you are going to be wanting the help of an expert, and that typically comes in the form of a person trainer at the gym of your choosing, the one you decide to join as part of your New Year's Resolution.
Having a personal trainer tends to be, for some, the ticket to sticking to exercise once and for all. The trainer is your motivator, they hold you accountable, and they give you a reason to go to the gym versus if it is just you, and you decide all of a sudden on a random Tuesday that you don't want to go. You're not letting anyone else down but yourself, but a trainer will call you, text you, bother you in fact until you show.
The problem with most trainers is that they're hardly empathetic to their clients. Trainers typically come in the form of fit, muscular and toned men and women, and the idea of them working out with you or showing you what to do is hardly the match made in heaven it is marketed as to you.

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Most overweight or obese individuals don't feel comfortable with fit trainers, and those same clients actually believe they're being showed what to do by someone who has no idea what it is like to be overweight or "fat." 
Until now.
A'E is putting out a reality show about weight loss that may break the chain of the same old as it relates to reality TV and exercise. No longer is the likes of Jillian Michaels yelling at someone who weights 300 pounds, but rather this show, Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit allows the trainer to gain weight and then lose the weight with their person slash client so that they can do it together, so they can feel the same way the person who is overweight feels when they try so hard to exercise but struggle mightily.
This show, above others, scores with viewers who are tired of the fit telling the fat what to do. Instead, A'E wants the fat to lead the fat, and then watch as the exercise routines change, they're altered so that all parties involved are engaged and there is a sense of understanding, like their should be, of just how hard losing weight is.

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