3 ways to save money in new year

01/05/16 by Chasity McLeod

Who doesn't want to save money? Even better, who doesn't want to start a new year with more money in their pocket?
That causes the masses to start rethinking their budgets and evaluating how they spend and save money, and why that so called emergency funds is either non existent or so small that you barely even remember that it's there.
And with that, a new year's resolution is born.

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As much as we try to lose weight or eat right for a new year's plan, saving money or being smarter with it tends to top the list every single year.
When you think about saving money, you tend to over extend and think too hard about ways to save. More time than not, the answer are right in front of your face and easy to see. That is, if you're looking in the right, and most obvious places.
Cancel cable: Cutting the cord is a choice that most have made in recent years, but others are starting to get around to it. The average cable bill teeters around $200, and that equates to more than $2,400 per year. Meanwhile, streaming is all the rage and the likes of Netflix and Hulu are under $20 per service and that means you'll still have to have your cable internet but you can kiss the television goodbye. You won't need it; the entertainment you crave can be yours for a third of the price.
Buy in the offseason: Remember the last time you bought a favorite hat from a sports team or yours during the season? How much was the hat, probably $30 or $40. Then, the team goes into their offseason and that same hat is around $20. Why is that? Because the offseason is about unloading what isn't needed, so why not take that same approach with your every day wardrobe. Sure, buying a winter coat at the end of the season sounds silly, but you'll have it for next year at a fraction of the price. You should make it a habit to buy what you need in the season you're not in. That is going to mean half off across the board and less money spent overall on clothing.
Data plan: So you couldn't resist spending extra on your cell phone plan for extra data that you end up never using and continue to pay for; you can't overlook other extras on your cell phone plan, such as that wireless hot spot that sounded so good but never is used. Much like cable, you can eliminate extras that you don't use. You canceled HBO and Showtime for $20 per piece, so why not cut back on that data or eliminate what you're not using even if it costs you a little more up front.

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