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Food for thought: Why some habits hardly are weight loss helpful

When you think about weight loss, most of what comes to mind centers on two things: diet and exercise. The problem is sometimes those two aspects of weight loss get skewed with a lot of information that isn't exactly correct.
Losing weight often is put on a pedestal to the point that we'll believe anything, whether it's a new machine being marketed, a diet that is supposedly a can't miss or a DVD or workout program that paves the way to abs, flat stomachs, toned arms and legs and all within only a few minutes per day.
To be honest, losing weight centers on hard work, and cutting calories, and we tend to overcomplicate the idea of dropping pounds. Perhaps the biggest shortcoming, however, is our own minds and what we believe to be iron clad as far as getting the results that we want and need.
For example, you believe that starving yourself or completely cutting calories altogether is a full proof way to eliminate weight quickly. That actually is the worst thing you can do: skip meals. Cutting out meals altogether not only slows your metabolism and stores fat in your body, but you tend to over eat typically when you're starving by the end of the day. You skip breakfast and barely eat lunch, so dinner time means you're searching out food around the time dinner is set to begin, and you eat everything in sight. The key to balancing a day's worth of eating is to do just that: eat balanced. Cut out starches and fat, but don't eliminate food and meals altogether; that is going to be the worst thing you can do for your body.
Your body also will thank you when it comes to your food choice, most notably making it a point to eat at home. When you eat out in restaurants, two elements come into play: the food content changes drastically as far as fat and sodium is concerned, and your diet tends to take a backseat almost immediately.

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The best place you can best your diet and lose weight is right square in the kitchen behind the stove and being in control of the food you're eating and the ingredients. Services now exist where you can have fresh food sent to you with everything you'll need to make a healthy meal (no, not the pre packaged weight watchers or Nutri System), but rather instructions and food that looks like it came directly from the store.
As much as we want to be in control of our eating and exercise, you can't overlook what you don't know. If you're not sure how to eat or what to do, ask. Otherwise, you'll be right back at square one as much as you think progress is occurring.

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