Top 3 worst wedding guests

01/07/16 by Mike Catania

Wedding season typically is more spring and summer months, and that is only a few months away, which means plenty of would be brides and grooms are finalizing their plans and fine tuning those guest lists.
And how about those guests, right?
Everyone has been to a wedding (maybe it was your own) where the wedding guests take center stage, more so than the bride and groom or the wedding party, too. Whether they've had a little too much to drink, too much too eat or want to be everyone's best friend, some guests should have never made it past the first cut.

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But they did, and with that, you need to be able to spot them quickly and have them escorted out faster than you tried to push that timid flower girl down the aisle.
The pig: Why do some wedding guests act as though they've been saving up for your special day just to eat as much as possible? This is the buffet buster, the one that gets seconds and thirds and spends more time at the appetizer table than the bride and groom spend at the head table. When you go to a wedding, enjoy the food, but eat appropriately and don't pig out.
The drunk: This one is easy. This guest makes the bar their own personal hang out and treat your wedding as a night out with the guys or girls. Same the cash for the bridal dance or plan to add a few more bucks in the wedding gift and drink just to the point where you're having fun but aren't the wedding day lush. No one wants to be your caretaker or handler when you have stripped down to your under shirt and boxers or can't stand up to shake hands and hug the bride and groom but rather they're sweeping you away with the debris after the wedding has concluded.
The dancer: This guest, much like "the pig," seems as though he's been saving up to flash his dance moves at this one particular event. That isn't to say that if you're a good dancer, you shouldn't show off a bit, but the "dancer" doesn't just have fun or dance like no one is watching but rather the complete opposite. They dance to make sure they get everyone to watch. The dance floor is about the first husband and wife, mom and son, father and daughter. Same that hammer dance or running man for the night club, and keep it classy, cool and showmanship at a minimum.

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