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Work overloaded: How to spot an annoying co-worker quickly

Every office, every cubicle, every conference room has one: an annoying co worker, someone who is bad for business in every way possible, and their existence often gets to the point that you start to not care about your job and their demeanor become detrimental to your work, too.
Spotting an annoying co worker sometimes isn't always a visual, but rather lending your ear to what they say and just how they carry themselves with management or other employees buzzing back and forth.
Some would call these employees "toxic" or "poisonous" to the overall health and welfare of the office as a whole.
What are the signs of an annoying, potentially toxic, employee?
Complains, complaints and more complaining. Did you ever have an employee that had nothing good to say at all. Not ever. Even that year end bonus was met with negativity about how much taxes are taken out or something asinine like that. These same employees can't survive unless they're in the midst of some sort of epic drama at work with their supervisor or another employee. They also have the mindset that "everyone is out to get them" and that the company "is bad."

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While not all companies are always employee conscious, you have to believe that every day can't be the doom and gloom that this one employee perceives it to be. This employee of toxic nature can't help but portray themselves as the one who can't get ahead, and it is always the fault of someone else. They can't help but paint a picture that shows them as the proverbial victim in every single situation that arises.
One element of being a bad employee might seem like a good trait is your success as it relates to pushing others down in the process. Everyone who works wants to earn more money, have a better job and title or move into a role that is more responsibility and rewarded as such, but you have to be leery of someone who is doing that at the expense of others, and that process consists of not earning your stripes so to speak on hard work but rather running down others character or going about your would be promotion in ways that has nothing to do with work in general.
That annoying co worker is detrimental to the office morale, and should be dealt with swiftly and efficiently by those in higher positions within the company. Until then, you can spot these men and women a mile away, and see the traits you definitely don't want to emulate and certainly want to stay away from as much as possible.

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